Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Anuvver weekend

We have had a very nice weekend doin phings. On Saturday morning we decided to go for a walk at Leith Hill, where we have not been for a bit. Oh dear. It was rainin quite hard and the forest did look like this....

By the time we got back to the car, we was both quite wet...

On Sunday, we ad to do some history for Willium. He ave got top marks for his essay on the Battle of Hastings at skool so we thought we would go there to see it. Daddy then did make the mistake of going to Battle, not Hastings. I phink dat was a mistake but we found somewhere that claimed to have been the sight of the fightin. It looked like this....

The English was at the top of the hill and the French at the bottom, but the French did win and William the Conker did become King of England. That is why William is called William. If the English had won he might have been called Harold. I do not think he knos that. The best bit of the visit was bein allowed some crusts at lunchtime. We are not usually allowed treats.

On Monday, daddy took the day off and some frends came over. One was Simon, who cannot see. Usually he treads on us a bit but today he did not. Also he did take us for a walk at Walton Heath. Here is William bein annoyin and followin me about like a shadow....

..and here are the mushrooms we did find by a tree...

So, you see, we have made a nice weekend out of some little bits of stuff.

Marley Make Do


  1. That forest do look kwite spooky and Howloweenie-like. We had big storms like that on Saturday too even wif thunder boomers! I did not get wet like you coz I would not go outside.

  2. Wow I wish Baz and Will had a big forest like that to go in. We have a few woods! I liked your history lesson, Mr Bas is named after a fox and our Will - well he's not named after anyone. And if my dad had had his way if I was a boy, I would have been called Ragnar after the character in the film The Vikings!!

  3. Oh Maggie would have loved to have joined you for a walk in the forest!


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