Thursday, 1 October 2009

Nuffink to say

I am proud to annouce that I have nothing to say. Nothing has happended since we last blogged. Willium has gone back to skool and we are just enjoyin gettin back to our routine with mummy and, when he gets back from work, daddy.

The mornin rooteen is for me to sit on daddy's lap and stare at Lola to make her jealous. Here is an example...

The we ave our breakfast, but that is not so unusual. Here is what usually happens to it...

The most excitin thing is that dad is now trainin for his marathon and so we get to enjoy his sweaty legs after each run. Look away now if you have a sensitive disposition...

Phings are so dull round here I suggest you read my frends' blogs. Arfur and Bear have been avin excitin times.

Marley "Existential Crisis" Satre....woof


  1. Now see, you did has somefing to say! And how funnee - the boy complains coz foster dog Buttons likes to enjoy his legs after he comes in from runnin'. Saltee - YUM!

  2. And then the BEST looking Maine Coon CAT came in and NOM NOM NOMed all your tasty food, then he POUNCED on your tail...

    heh heh heh


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