Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cleanin up

At the weekend, we did go out for a long walk but it was rainin and muddy and when we got home mummy said we had to have a bath. I dussn't like them but usually Lola does not mind.

Here she is bein cleaned....

...but the novelty did soon wear off....

...and she had to be rescued by mummy...

After we had been towelled off, we went to the kitchen to get warm and let our fur properly dry. Lola was a bit frisky after gettin wet..

..and was bein a bit funny...

...and did make me a bit puzzled...

Ladies: i dussn't kno what to make of em.

Marley Handsome.....woof


  1. There was a little puppy/he went for a walk/when he came back/Rumbles gave him a THWOCK!!

  2. Bath times are exactly like that in our household too! But you looked so beautiful afterwards xx


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