Monday, 2 November 2009

A mystery

This weekend we did 'ave a mystery at our house.

We did start by finding mysterious objects....first there was a funny coloured toothbrush

..and then a funny visitor in one of the bedrooms...

...and some strange clothes in odd colours....

...and some shampoo for "girls"...

...and some unusual reading material...

But in the end, we did solve the mystery. Alice and Isabelle had come to stay....

Marley Poirot .... woof


  1. THWOCK!!!!

    Where you been puppy? I miss pouncing on you!!

  2. Whew, I is so glad you solved that mystery. I founded a toofbrush on the beach on Saturday and thought mebbe it mite be the same but it's not. No girls staying at the beach.

  3. why did you keep sleeping in my bed?
    from isobel


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