Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Division of Labour

Today, I 'ave the latest in my series of lektures 'bout the Credit Crunch. As no one do know what 'ave caused it or how to solve it I am takin' you back to basics and we will be lookin' at basic economic theory as talked bout by Scottish man Mr Adam Smiff . Here he is lookin' serious and like he might kno a thing or two...

So Mr Smith have talked a bit in his books about the dvision of labour. This do be about everyone doin' what they is bestest at and workin' together so that everyfink go smoothly and work better.

To help, me an Lola have been dividin up the labour round 'ere. Lola do not aktuallly kno this yet but I have been mastermindin' the plan cos I am the "brains" and she is the "brawn". So, here I am makin' plans for what needs to be done

...and while I am doin that Lola is off guardin' the boundaries and generally 'elpin out...

That leaves me with more time for developin' my masterplan. See how it comes together with some concentrayshun...

So, Lola is sent off to talk to Daddy to see if we can ave some food....

....and, look, it has worked....phanks to me

So you see how far you can get with Mr Smiff's division of labour. So successful 'ave we been that now Lola is applyin' for my job, but she do not have the brains for it

Marley Smith, MBA


  1. Amazingly brilliant system you has going there!

  2. Heehee.... you is a smart little pup, there is no denying...

    (Mummy LOVES that last photo of you so much)


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