Monday, 23 November 2009

Slice of Life

Today, I am reportins from home. This is where we live.....although I phink that goes without sayin.

Every day, we are excited when our daddy comes ome from his work. Usually, we show this by bouncin up and down by the gate. However, we are shy and would not allow Willium to film us doin this as much as usually happens. But here is a little taste of what happens...

The second phing we ave to report is how our home was invaded larst night by an evil phing which we do not understand. Anyway, me an Lola did try and eat it and scare it away. I am told it is a demon called Scalextrik or sumfink like that. Here it is...

I ope you like seein these phings from our house.

Marley Location Location ...woof

1 comment:

  1. I luv your sinkronized tail wagging! While I woz watching your video all of the udder dogs in my house started BOLing when they heard you doing your happee dances and singing. I had to tell them to hush up between you and Lola singing and 3 dogs here BOLing, oh my ears! BOL!


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