Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Old an New

Hello for you. I iope you did ave a nice Eeester and ave not eatin too many eggs. We dint ave no eggs cos choklit is armful for dogs, but we did ave an excitin time wiv our familee.

We decided we would go back to two places where we ad been before but when was not so rilly successful: Leith Hill and Herne Bay. First time we wenteds to Leith Hill (wot do be near us in Surrey), it was so rainy and foggy that we could not see anyfink and juss wandered around in the mist and got wet. Woz a shame cos there do be views from the highest point in ower county.

When we arrived, we did see this sign, which did make Willium grone and complane...

Yes, that do be right, there is tower on top of the ill, but we din't see nuffink from it last time cos of the mist. Anyways, we walkin long this time and looks what we did see....pretty much everywhere I phink....

...you even see Gatwick airport if you looks closely an also farms where we wuz born. It was a rilly bootiful walk thru the woods to the top....

...and look what we did find when we got to the tower. Woz horse.

We sed ello to him, but we din't bark or bovver him and we all got along fine..

Second place we did go woz Herne Bay, which do be in Kent and haz a rilly good beach. We went fossil huntin there last year but we dint find none cos we did only get there at high tide when all the fossils is covered up. This time, we went early after checkin the tide times and we did some good huntin...

I woz really exciteds when Willium found a stick fossil. I fort we could play frow and chase wiv it but it was not very nommy and mite have urt my teef...

...I phink this why doggies was not invented until after dinosores when the sticks did get softer.

Me an Lola did get chance to check our sea-mail...

...and we woz rilly happy in all the sand an mud...

The bestest bit was bein taken to Macari's cafe, where the hoomans did ave fish n chips and Lola did make a new chum...

...er owner did phink she might be half border terrier.

I opes you did ave a nice eester likes us.

Marley n Lola, travellin first class....woof


  1. Ellos Marley. My nanny duz live in Herne Bay and I ave been to the beech that is there. It is nice. Praps one day I see you there.
    Hamish The Westie.

  2. Holy smokes wot an eggsiting time you had! Loverly pikshures you taked there. And wot is with you peeples (that be you Willium and my mom) a huffin' and complainin' bout going up hills? Hoomans has half as many legs to move as us dogs so you would think they would be happy.

  3. What a great Easter !!!! Fancy finding a horse at The Tower !! BOL !! Really enjoyed reading about Ur adventures !! XXXX

  4. Oh dat lovely Marley. You an Lola had a great time! I bin to Herne Bay too coz we did live near there before we moved. See we is closer dan yo finks! You might of smelt ma peemail wot I left!

  5. I was at radiation today and i met 2 doggies who look just like you guys and were very sweet, one was 11 yrs old and da other was 16 yrs old...your breed is very sweet. Your Easter holiday looks fun, hope you enjoyed yourselves. We had some of Papas ham, and mashed potatoes, dey were very yummy, nom nom....HUGS!!!

  6. Lovely to see this blog again, made my ghost writer smile


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