Thursday, 1 April 2010

Wot I Did

Ello for you. It do be me, Marley, again. Or praps as I iz a Marley I should say it is I and I again.

Larst weekend, the hoomans was possessed by a strange idea. They did get a roofs rack for the car for puttin their bikes on in preparayshun for their olidays. It took dad two hours to fit it to the car, but he is unusually useless like dat and was bein careful for not scratchin the paint. When it was done he made everyone get out their bikes. Lola and I did look at them wiv big sad eyes cos we do not see em go on a familee bike ride before and we assume we not bein taken.

Imagine how appy we woz when the leads was taken out of the cupbioard and we was told we was goin as well. Hurray! Happy day! Dad say we goin to Swinley Forest, which do be near Bracknell. We bin there before but nivver wiv bikes.

We ad to drive there in the car and it did takes about 40 minnits. It do look like this mostly....

...but there is lots of paths for walkin an cyclin. A man did say for us that Swinley Forest is an area of Windsor Forest, owned and managed by The Crown Estate, comprising of 2600 acres of mainly Scots Pine woodland. I phink he right bout dat.

We setted off and Lola and I was runnin by the bikes. Ere I am beatin dad by a short head...

....and after we ad gone bout 5 minnits into the trees dad did remember he ave left his wallet and phone on the car seat and ad to go back so they wussn't be stolen. They wassn't.

Some of the parffs was quite hilly and we stopped at the top for least the humans did. Ere I am tellin Willium to urry up but he puffin an pantin..

We did have a marvelluss time. Ere I am runnin wiv my ears flappin in the wind...

Me an Lola was good and kept followin the bikes....not just because mum was carryin a bag of cheese...

An also we did discover that if you takin pictures on your iBone when you is cyclin along then they can go wonky wivout even tryin. Look at dis one....!

An also this one where werrld have tuned upside down i phink....

We even did a bit of off-roadin...

Evntually we gots back to the beginning after about 90 minnits of runnin. We sure was tired but we ad some noms at the cafe and slept for the rest of the day. However, before I go I just gotta show you dis picture of cows at Headley Heath. When we did our blog bout it two weeks ago we did not see any cows and then on Saturday we did meet loads of em just wanderin about. They tried to come and say ello for me and ave a sniff but I was brave..

Is it friendly dad?

Le Tour de Marley .... woof


  1. That Swinley Forest you has do be looking a lot like the Pine Barrens wot I has hiked in here in Noo Joisey. You shore you is over there in Inglund and not here by me? But we does not has moo cows in our Pine Barrens so mebbe you is across the big pond.

  2. Doggie goes running... running... running... then THWOCK!! Hits a tree I planted! Mew ha ha...

  3. Eh up! (dat is Yorkshire greetin) for you Marley and Lola, you is very fantastic road runners... beep beep. am tellin mum and dad to get their bikes out now..


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