Monday, 12 July 2010

Is this my best side?

Ello for you and I do say ow is fings wiv you?

Today I is eggstra polite cos we do be needin your patience wiv dis blog cos dad, who we do employ to type up our forts, haz elped himself to a new toy to try and improve the kwality of wot you do see ere. He haz a new iBone 4 which do ave a better camrera than the old one an also do be takin sum viddyoh films. He tell me he get it to elp me wiv my writin but I do fink he rilly wanted it for hisself. Juss now he is crouchin wiv it in da corner and sayin "It's ok my prescious. The little dog will never get you" and strokin it like it iz his new best friend or sumfink.

Anyway, wot you fink of my new portrait....?

Ansome, no? Clooneyesque?

I fink it did be workin better when we did use it for catchin Lola in her usual posishun around the ouse...

Por old Lola, she do ave speshul needs....

So, by now you do be finkin "wot about the viddyoh funcshun". Well, we did go on a walk and we did catch Lola runnin away from sumfink...

....and dat sumfink was her big brother who do show er who is boss I fink...

.....hee hee.

As you may know if you duz be in the UK, this weekend was very hot (at least it was for us in the Sowf of the country). We did make Willium and dad put up the hammock under the apple trees so we could ave somewhere shady in the garden...

....and Lola also did try and use it, kno.....she dussnt ave much brane...

...but I do and I use to remember that it do be too hot for dogs and so I go inside to find the collest spot right down at the bottom of the ouse where the sun do not get to...

Lola, wivout my immense brane, did not fink bout this and did stay in the garden, chewin on a stick and lookin at apples....(pffff, I arsk you)..

You dussnt catch me doin that and also you dussn't catch me allowin the typist to interfere wiv me nappin..

Juss for that dad, you bring I noms IMMEDIATELY....

Of course, there was quite a lot of sport on telly this weekend, so we did lose atenshun of typist on Sunday wot wiv grand prix, Torder France and some football. I did ignore most of it, but Lola's smal brane was a bit confused by the little runnin men on the TV....

Well, wot you expect from a dog who do volunteer to be near the sock?...

I fink mebbe that enuff iBone-related fun for now. On Fursday I do go on my olidays to the farm so I duz be away for a bit. But I do be comin back later and I ope we can show you sumfink about our farm familee.

Woof....Marley iDog


  1. You has your own parparazzi followin you! Brilliant bloggy xxx

  2. That is a luvly post there! I especially enjoy the piktures and the words too!

  3. That iBone do be taking kwite the dashing pikshures of you, Marley. And of that silly Lola, BOL! Just keep an eye on you dad to be shore he not be needing an iBone support groop or nuttin. He mite get addikshunned. Thanks for the Gotcha Day wishes!

  4. Looks like that iBone works great for still shots and videos. All were great. Have a good day and a great week.

  5. Super post. Lola and her speshul needs made us laugh the most!

  6. Another great blog, love the videos! You are a very handsome doggie, just like myself!

  7. Sounds like your dad got a cool new toy! I looove the pics of Lola in her usual position. And those videos of you two running made Mom and I both laugh!

  8. Mom is wanting to get border terriers cause of you. Not sure how I feel about that, since i think you might disrupt my napping...

    Beulah @Snortlysnrtface Bulldog

  9. Of course such a good looking doggy as you doesn't need iBone to make you look good (that was what you told me to say wasn't it) but it does look like an awesome bit of kit might try and get someone to buy one! Ha ha some hope!


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