Wednesday, 14 July 2010

It do be my Olidays

Ello for also goodbye....for a bit. I do be goin on oliday tomorrow. I do go to the farm where I woz born and I do be looked after by Julia.

The best bit bout it is that I gets to see my mum and dad. Ere do be dad, who is called Rocky...

I fink we can agree that he is an ansome dude and it do be obvious where I gets my looks.

Ere is mum, who do be called Sparky...

...and I fink we can agree that she do be very pretty.

This week I did find out that my litter was born on 25 December 2006. Yes, I did be born on Christmas day! I don't fink there was any start in the sky an I certainly dussnt remember no presents from Kings or anyfink like dat.

Owever, Julia's entry on Champdogs duz show two pictures of puppies from dat litter. I dussnt fink they duz be me...I was runt of the litter so prolly not used for advertisin...

So, these be my bruvvers or sisters. Sometimes when we go to the farm we do see some of em cos Julia always welcomes back her dogs for olidays and fings. An also, my sister Tilly do live there all the time so we do be doin some catchin up on old times on Fursday mornin.

I dussn't tell no one but you this, but the best bit of goin back ome is that we do gets roast beef on Sunday. Don't tell the typist cos he might not let me go back there anymore if he fink I gettin spoiled.

I ope we be able to take some fotos wiv my doggie familee next week and we do update when hoomans retrun from Cornwall.

Au revoir..... Marley Farm Dog


  1. Oh Marley it sownds like a luvly vacayshun for you on da farm wiv your mom an dad. Haz lotsa fun, I will miss you!

  2. Have a great holiday Marley. Wow running about with all those other Border Terrorists, you's guys are gonna get eggzaustid.

  3. Marlee, it duz sound as tho you wil hav good hollibobz. You duz take after your dada in your lookz and is an andsum as he is.
    Ope you hav luffly time on de farm, will miss your twitterz.

  4. I hope you be hasing a grate time on you howliday. Save me some of that roast beef, k? I cannot choo it rite now after hasing my toof pulled but by the time you get back, I be all healed up and ready for some roast beef nomming.

  5. Have a good holiday at the farm there Marley. Good you get to see your mom and pop, mines come from Wales even tho I am all the way over here.

  6. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday.

  7. Marley, have a wonderful holiday. I bet your beans think you're the best Christmas present ever.

  8. Have fun, Marley. The pictures of your family are wonderful!


  9. Oh, Marley! HOw wonderful you get to see your fur family. This is very nice. *wag wag wag*


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