Sunday, 25 July 2010

West Coast!

Ello for you my pals. I do be returnin from my olidays and also the familee haz returned from their trip to Cornwall. Dad did ave a lot of spare time when he was there and he started finkin up bizness ideas. The first one was "ome delivery" border terriers...

These two do be Ellie and Ollie (we fink we got that right) who the familee did meet near Padstow. They was goin on a bike ride....we said we would menshun them here.

His next idea tho was openin a Marley's Border Terrier Franchise but we did need to find someone who would do it for us. So we telled him to go an see our friend Minky who do live in Bristol wiv her pawsons who iz old frends of mum an dad. Here is Minky....

We did tell dad to check if Minky could keep an eye on dem west country squirrels and he did report that she could...

Then we arsk him to see if she did likes a wuzz and a fuss....

....and I fink we see that she do like em as a border terrier should. But that do be easy test and so we arsk if she do be clever and do ave bizzniss akyoomen...

...and she showed him ow she could beat the children at Monopilee..

Then we did tell him to be kwiet and see if she pass the ultimate test and do like sleepin on his lap...

I fink we see that dad haz worked his usual magic and that Minky do be very sootable for handlin our first franchise. Willium tell me that the children decided to celebrate wiv a party and Minky did join in wiv singin a song...

Hee hee. Well done Minky and welcome to our company. Woof

Marley Gates.....


  1. he he - your border terriers are the cuties little doggies.

  2. That Minky duss carry such a loverly toon. I almost singed along. So is you going to be CEO of your company? (Chief Eating Offiser)

  3. What cute pups! Of course, all Border Terriers are good looking!


  4. One day Border Terriers will rule the world! :0)

  5. There's only one marley terrier, one marley terrier, one marley terrier, there's only one marley terrier!

  6. Hey Marley, what a good idea about the francheyes, can we audition to run a franchise down under for you.


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