Thursday, 12 August 2010

Home Run

Well, just when we fink the ub-ub about coats had died down, we did get this photo of our pal Archie.......

...and that do be absolutely the very end of dis discusshun and we dussnt want anyone else sendin us any more pics like dis one. It alsmot give me art attack. And yes, Archie do look "very street".



  1. Duzn't worry I haz no coat an I won't send you any pikshures of me in a coat even tho all you doggies looks rilly cutes. MOL

  2. he he - you has to say - it's a kute pic.

  3. I think he duss need matching poipull shoos!

  4. He looks... what to say... a bit silly or maybe funny in that outfit *smile*

  5. BOL! I'm glad Mom got behind in our blog reading. She's got pictures of ME in the stupid coat she made me wear last winter. Saved by Mom's slackerness... *snickers*


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