Saturday, 28 August 2010

Paws for Thort

My pal Cokie, who do live in LA and who do like basketball like dad, did challenge me to find a pictue of my paws. I fink dis is a good idea cos I just had my claws clipped to make em smart again. I also had a skull & crossbones etched into the front ones so that them squirrels know who done em in...

So, here I am relaxin at Grandma's ouse and showin off all my four paws...

...and ere I give you close up...

Wot? I fink they is very nice...

Even Lola got some....

Do you like my paws? I fink so....

Some others is also joinin in wiv Cokie's game

Woof....Marley Manicure


  1. he he - you has bootiful paws. I bet dey run really fast too.

  2. My mom is the one with the blog. My name is Opie. I'm a terrier too! I am part schnauzer and part yorkie. I hate squirrels, too. I can jump really high, but I can't reach them. My mom won't let me go after them. She says they are dirty, flea ridden, disgusting, rabies carrying, furry tailed rodents. I'd be happy to get rid of them for her. The feral cats that run through the yard aren't doing the job, but I KNOW I can! Can you convince my mom to let me bite a little squirrel head off?
    Gotta run. We're blog hopping today! Whatever that is! You have a funny accent. I'm a Southern California Terrier type.
    Smell you later,
    Your friend Opie

  3. I is liking ya paws Marley and Lola's are boootiful. Just like a girlie doggie paws should be! I going to have to get pic of my paws.... As I don't like 'em being touched, this could take sum time! BOL! Your furiend AnnieB


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