Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Rainy Days an Toosdays Always Gets me Down..

Today, it do be rainin all day in Engerland and we dussnt have nothing to do so we woz talkin wiv our pal on twitter.

My friend who do also be called Marley (@allaboutmarley) did send me this funny pikture wot was im wearin his raincoat...

We finked it woz funny so we was askin if anyone else did ave similar fings wot they was (very wisely) keepin from publik scrutiny.

I finks you kno wot be comin....ere is my little pal Rocky...

...and we decided it was ok even if he wasn't strictly wearin a raincoat. Then come Amy in her girlie number and ber bruvver Bobby also in sumfink fun...

I fink we also needs to give onorable menshun for Bertie...

Bertie was wearin a familee heirloom. Little Jonty also was in touch, and he do look rilly smart...

...and also Charshy and Scruff...

We also be earin from little Alfie in his jumper wot he do wear outside...

...an also disreputable, cat-on-the-tiles Jazzy, who is a Hoody (wot I don't be huggin)..

But when we did finish talkin we all did agree that the bestest raincoat was bein worn by my favrit little pup, Hamish...

We sayin Yay for Amish cos he do be rilly nice and he haz a great blog wot he do write. You can see it here...BLOG..

Can anyone pick up the gorntlet frown down by Amish? Duz you got a better picture?

Marley .....woof


  1. Hamish is a deserving winner! The blog is brill, Marley!!!

  2. Fank you Marlee and Jazzy. Dada did take that pikture wen I was about 4 munfs old larst winter.
    Mum duz be very proud of me!

  3. I duz not have a raincoat Marley but I duz be thinking I need one as I got soggy doggie today on my little holibob in the Dorset drizzle! Methinks shopping is on agenda when we get 'ome Ma!

  4. I love your blog it is so much fun. Zacky has to wear a jacket and boots in the winter too when it gets to be below -20 degrees.... he'd freeze his little wotzits off if he didn't.

  5. What a fun post. The pictures are great. I don't go out in the rain and I don't wear clothes so I don't have a picture to share.

  6. What about this? http://twitpic.com/2dh7j2
    Tho that might be cheating since I just dressed like that once and I don't wear it to go out! BOL!

  7. Those pictures are great. Of course dat jazzy looking gorgeous as ever. It's been raining a lot here too, but I stay inside, don't need any rain gear.

  8. It's a regular fashion show! Everyone looks spectacular!


  9. http://twitpic.com/2dmg8u ....here is my SNOW coat

  10. Hope this works
    Archie got a Parka from his Auntie Rita http://i835.photobucket.com/albums/zz274/biccy36/ARCHIE/0022.jpg
    Archie was not a happy bunny!
    Grandma thought the style was the problem and that Archie was a more refined dog so she bought his a reversable Burberry raincoat
    http://i835.photobucket.com/albums/zz274/biccy36/ARCHIE/archiesnewcoat.jpg OH DEAR!!

  11. Well that didn't work so how can I send the photos to you Marley?


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