Sunday, 8 August 2010

Aaarggggh me hearties, there do be trezzure in them thar woods

The weekend did start off wiv a bit of drama: I had to lie low after sum "disciplinary infractions"...or so they woz claimin...

When I did fink the coast was clear I did say to dad that we shud go and do some geo-caching and see if we could find some buried trezzure in our village. I telled him we go Ashtead Common, wot do be near us and is good for burying fings cos is woody...

...and I did lets them borrow my iBone and it did ave a app wot did show us the way to the trezzure wot did look like this....

...and it was a sunnee day and woz ot and firsty work lookin for wot them pirates had left....

Willium did tell me the trezzure was buried somewhere out there. Ow he fink I gonna find dat? I fink mebbe too deep and tangly for us all...

But I did use my super-nose to unt out that trezzure and we did find it pretty quick...

Willium and me did look in the box to see what peeple had left there for us. We fink mebbe there would be gold or diamonds and fings like dat...

...bu there was somefink even better!

And we did leave a little note for the next peeple an also a little present wot was a hedgehog wiv big ands and stretchy arms in case there was some childruns doin geo-cachin...

When we had put the box back in its hidey ole we did go and look for annuver one wot our machine did say was nearby (about half a mile fru da woods and bracken and fings). I did fink mebbe it was in the pond but dad said they dussn't expect peeple to come wiv snorkel and flippers... we went on an eventually Lola did sniff out sumfink under a broken tree wiv her nose...

...but I made sure I got my beak into the box first to make sure we haz checked all the possible goodies and choosed the best one....

...and look! We did find annuver doggie sticker so we decided to take that one and leave behind a little car for some more chilluns...

We ad been doin it for over an hour by then and Willium was complainin that he was ungry and we looked for some foods for im but all we could find was mushrooms and Willium dussn't eat em..

By this point, everyone was laggin behind and I tell em to urry theyselves up or we was gonna be late ome for lunch and fings..

...but I had spoked too soon and I did get a forn in my paw and lied down in the road and refused to move til someone had taked it out again...

Willium did manage to get it out wiv his nimble fingers and we got ome to lunch. After, we was very tired cos we was walkin for a couple of hours in the sunshines and so we did go to our bed for a nap. Can you see wot we has stuck on our the back...hee hee

We did ave a brilliun time lookin for trezzure wiv our geo-cachin stuff and we do recommend it for everypeeple. You just google it and you see wot needs doin...

Marley Shackleton....woof


  1. Oh my goodness. what an excellent adventure!

  2. Wow dats so kewl, xcept da part abowt getting a thorn in your widdle paw

  3. Those stickahs shore duss make fur nice dekorashuns in you bed! And wot is wif Willium and hims complanings? The boy duss that too and he be rilly old, like 29. At the end of the hike he starts complaning he be thursty and hungry and wanna go home. Spoilsports all of them. At least we no complane until we gets something urgent like a thorn in the paw. Owie.

    Pee Ess - Wot could you has done wot could has been constrood as disiplinary infrakshuns?

  4. That looks really fun, Marley!! I'm especially pleased that you left a hedgehog! The next pawson to find it will be so excited!!

  5. you two are the cutest little doggies. Always love reading about your adventures. I would love to meet one of you in person - we don't seem to have any border terriers around our part of the country, so would love to meet one in person.

  6. Hey marley terrier I enjoyed that

  7. What an outing. Quite the adventure in the woods Marley. Glad your paw is ok. Zack has to worry about cactus on our walks sometimes - so far so good - no thorns yet.

  8. We went caching yesterday. Twas ace! Although Ern used the fact that we were distracted to run off a few times. All was fun though and he got a good run about.

  9. Oh, that's so exciting you got a Great Dane sticker and you put it on your bed. Sweet dreams from me!


  10. A proper treasure hunt! You are rather good explorers - risking sore paws & rumbly tummies. Excellent :o)

  11. My mom say she will have to try the geocaching. It looks like too much walking for me unless it is winter. Mom says you make her really want to get a border terrier doggie, but she afraid it might be the border terrier doggie typist she really is wanting, and that not be good since I already got a dad. So tell her this is really what border terriers are like--it's not just the translation.

    Beulah Snortlysnrtface bulldog

  12. What a lovely pictures and stories. We also do geo-caching and the best part is the toys and stickers in the cache. Mum has got 2 coins traveling around the world. 1 is now in the US and 1 is in South Africa this one was in a cache which was burned but somebody did recover it and cleaned it up. Thats was beary friendly of him. Hugs

  13. That geo caching looks like pretty cool fun. What were you keeping a low profile for Marley, bet Lola framed ya. Goo does that to me, sneaky stuff, and I'm the one left sitting there looking confuse.

  14. You has created a monster! My mom is now spending every free minute geocaching by herself or with todsis. She is stocking up travel bugs from nearby hidey holes to take to New England this weekend. The running was bad enuf, but now with the finding and hiding! Mom says it is a good way to get rid of lots of dumb little stuff from the house. I say she should put the dumb orange cat in a hidey hole. She says no cats. I think I petition the geocache people for rule change!


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