Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dealin wiv pests

As you has mebbe heard, I do be runnin a constant war against squirrels in my neighbourhood. In recent times they haz become even more cheeky and haz taken to comin into I garden and stealin foods from the bird feeders.

I haz decided to take my campaign against this invasion to the streets....

....and evevn underground...

We do say NO! to squirrels...

Marley Saatchi.....woof


  1. GR8 campaign! You getz those squirrels, Marley!

  2. You got a marketing degree Marley, that's the smartest campaign ever!!!

  3. Wow Marlee, yoo duz be famus now! Gud campane I fink cept I duz only see one skwirrel in all my short life!

  4. Dat's quite a campaign you are running friend. Good luck with it. He he - here we just feed the squirrels their own pan of bird seed. Keeps dem out of the regular feeders.

  5. Ha ha! only just seen this. Top job Marley.

  6. Mr Mo sez.... how did you get them ads? They are brilliant... I need one for rats, I got 2 rats in my garden already (killed 'em deaded).. I will post a picture of me being proud killer...

  7. Those squirrels don't stand a chance with you around!


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