Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hey, watch out!!

Ello for you. I was avin a very nice day today cos dad did be at ome and we was chattin wiv our pals. Suddenly at 4.30 mum did say me to get my lead. Usually of corse this means we is goin walkies and me an Lola do run about barkin and makin a fuss. However I notiss that Lola do not get her lead and is juss me goin out wiv mum an dad. I finked that mebbe Lola had finally dun sumfink so bad she was not allowed out. She did make a fuss and stare out the window at us as we left in the car.

We did only go for five minnits and we did pull up here...

Uh oh you might say. Some doggies do ide and whine and makes a fuss when they is goin to the V.E.T.S.....but not me. I likes goin to the vet. We got nice vet. We wented in and we did meet a little Pug called Peggy wot was feelin a bit poorly and did not like bein at the vet and was gettin a bit stressed. I try and calm her down by bein friendly but she dint want to play for long and did sit on her mum's lap and make a fuss. She was gettin so stressed that we did let her go first cos I was avin the time of my life in recepshun. See how I was waggin my tail?...

You not believe me?....

Peggy was takin so long that I decide to do some window shoppin...

....but very sensibly the vets had put the cat food at floor level and the dog food higher up. A few more minnits go past and still no sign of Peggy so I sit on dad's lap to get a better view of fings goin on...see ow pricky up my ears is?..

We wait a bit more and decide to read a book....

.....very practical stuff....

Eveventually, Peggy did come out and she was juss avin a cold or sumfink. We dint get a picture of her cos we dint fink she was in the mood for it. Anyway, now we was ready to go in and see our nice Vet wot be called Sarah. She did say ello for me and then she start frowing a bit of tissue about. I watch it very closely but I not rilly understand wot is goin on. Mum and dad is talkin about my eyes and tellin fings bout me banging into doors and gettin lost on walks. I look at em as if to say "dussnt be sayin that, this is highly trained vet who dussnt wont to hear bout fings like dat". Then Sarah do be shinin some lights in my eyes and lookin at me close up. Then she be tellin my pawsons that I has a cataracts in my eyes probbly.

Wot? This in my eye?...

I fink that mebbe Sarah dussnt rilly know wot she is rilly seein wiv her light. However, then she say me she did read my blog so I forget about any mistakes she has made in my diagnosis. Then she get out the noms and gib I a biskit for bein good. I fink now you can see why I wags my tail at the vets. So, we go out into recepshun again to wait for our prescription for tick meddysin and the lady wot does say ello for peeple when they arrive did also get out the treats...

I startin to fink that avin a cactus in my eyes is mebbe a good fing! [Editors note: Marley is going back to the vets on Monday to see a specialist to check if the cataract diagnosis can be confirmed].

However, my lawyes has telled me that in no way must i milk the sityooayshun or use it to my advantage....spare a copper for an old blind dog sir? *tap tap*

Peeple was makin a fuss of me when i get ome. I get some extra foods.....but....

...wot is this? Is this your idea of a joke dad?

Marley Wonder.....woof


  1. I don't mind going to the vets either.. get to meet all sorts and they have a bowl of biscuits on the counter! Good luck with that cactus in your eye, sounds nasty that does.

  2. Sorry to hear about the cactus in your eyes. Hope there's an easy fix for that. I don't know how they fix it...

    Anyway, I never liked going to the vet. In fact, they had it written in my chart that they should all take off their white coats when I came in, so I wouldn't start shaking.

    Love the carrots.... Good joke dad!

  3. Marley, you always make us smile. Thank you. We hope that woteva is wrong wiv ya eyes gets sorted out in no time at all. In da meantime, keep eating dose carrots! BOL! Love Your furiend AnnieB

  4. I hopes da vet wuz wrong an you duzn't haz that funny green things in your eyez Marley. You sure iz a brave doggy to likes teh vets, they skarez me bad

  5. You be like Zack and love the vets. Don't know why as Zack was a very sickly puppy and had to go to the big city specialist vet, poked and prodded, you don't want to know Marley, but he do still love the vets all the same just like you.....bless him. Hope you be able to see well and they can fix them there cataracts for you.

  6. Marley I hope your eyes will be okay. I just love reading all about your advntures and would be so sad if anything bad happened to you. Love you, Marley!!

  7. Be carefuls Marley, the hoomans duss be taking advantage of your cactus and putted carrots (BLECH!) in your nom bowl and even maded them blurry just in case you catched on! They think you mite not notice but I duss not have cactus and I can see in your bowl furry clearly. Mebbe you should send me pikshures of your noms afore you nom them so I can tell you if'n it be safe or not, k?

  8. You always make me giggle cuz you are so cute and nice. Sorry you has catus in your eyes. M is wondering if dey do surgery on doggies for dat like dey do for the oomans!

  9. Hope you get the cactus out of your eyes soon I think people get that too. Don't start eating those carrots though stick to the biscuits.

  10. Ooh, Marley...a cactus in your eye?!? That doesn't sound too good. Thank doggness they did give you extra treats when you gotz home! I do like carrots every now & again. :)

    I am not scared of V.E.T.S. either. Dr. D does be a family furiend and everyone at da office takes good care of me (and gives me lots of treats).

    I do hopes your eyes can get better soon.
    Your furiend,

  11. Aw marley i hope u's will feel bettr soon!

  12. Diesel is afraid of the vet Jeep is not. Diesel says that a vet removed something very special to him and now he doesn't trust them, Jeep says it doesn't matter cos they gave her chicken pieces!

    I Hope they can sort out your eyes. Dried fish is good for eyesite (so D&J say - *nudge nudge* to your editor)

  13. Oh deer Marlee, fancy havin a cactus in yoor eye! It must be skratchee. I duz ope the vet wazzn't rite but if she waz she will be able to remove it maybe?
    Carrotz are yummy. Mum duz give me carrotz to chew, she duz say dey be good for my eyez and good for my teef, you shuld try dem.
    I duz lurve the vetz since I went to Puppy Party there when I was liddle. They are nice to me dere.
    Sending you lotz of wuzz wuzzs and westie hugs.

  14. Oh I duz forgit - Knittin wiv dog air? duz they be mad?

  15. Oh Marley, i do hope you iz ok...we saying prayers for you here in da states. Mom haz leaky eyes hearing about your eyes, cause you know we just had to deal wif Brofur Riley's eye cancer....I hopes you can see and play wif out, however you would look very distinguished wif dem, but i dont fink dey have doggie glasses yet. Paws & Prayers

  16. I would like my vet to say, 'Ello for you, Maggie.' That would be very good. I hope your eyeballs are OK. Eat more carrots, OK?


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