Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Unbearable Lightness of the Dog

Ello for you. It do be me, Marley. Ow is fings wiv you? Did you ave a nice weekend? Was the weather good? you have any trubble gettin here? you can see I iz killin sum time before you gets into the main part of dis blog entry be honest....there dussn't be much in it.

Want to play game? Yes? start......see wot I did there? A few more seconds wasted.

We got a few random bits roundin up previous news. You might remember that when we did go on our olidays we did climb up a big mountain but we dint get no picture at the actuall tippy top cos dad was too tired and his ands was too cold. Well, fankfully, mum was doin a bit better and she did take this one of us celebratin at the top of the Old Man of Coniston... also you can see how high we woz.

But I fink that do be it for news. The sun did come out at the weekends and so I did decide to do some gardenin...

...wot you mean? I is mowin the lawn.....very see from this angle I fink...

We went on a walk near Bocketts Farm but I dint rilly even try and chase the squirrels. I just give em a look which say "dussnt you come down here Mr Squirrell cos I might chase you". I fink it werked....

I did see some cows, and they did see me. It all look peaceful in this photo but bout two seconds later I did decide to bark at em and then there was a bit of an atmosphere...

We did ave a nap when we got back. I got half of the bed....and Lola got half....only split into two quarters. She say this was not the same as one half but I tell her I do maffs and is deffynittly the same fing when you add it up...

We sent Lola out to see if she could find anyfink in the garden....

....but she didnt find anyfink for us to do....but if you arsk me she did give up ravver easily....

So that do be it really. Not much this week. Soree. Mebbe I lie down and contemplate the meaning of life....current favrit is to teach squirrels a lesson....

I fink we try and do more this week.

Marley Procrastinatrix.....woof


  1. Looks like you have had a great week tho Marley, been for walks, slept in the sun, seen squirrels, met cows and barked at them, napped in the bed with Lola - how great. Zack wishes he was there.

  2. I just love reading your bloggy cuz you always make me leave smiling. Looks like it was a good week to me - you finally learning how to relax kitty style! your pictures are great cuz it gives us an idea what your pretty country is like.

  3. Your dad could not take pikshures at the top coz hims hands be cold and he be tired? Eggkooses, eggskooses... Well, your mom sure did a fine job and holy moly, you woz up way high? Did you tutch the clowds wif your noses?

  4. My mom says she wants to move to England and become a border terrier. You have got it figured out, Marley!!

  5. You did a pretty good lawnmowing job Marley, evenly on both sides which is very important. You've had a more exciting week than us. Mum is still scratching around trying to pretend that we have done more than sleep on the couches, beds and in front of the heater this week.

  6. Ahhh, so it's you who's been teaching my Mabel dog the reel the cows in with false sense of security, then bark & make them stampede technique! xx

  7. I duz fink yoo has a dawgs life Marlee!


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