Thursday, 9 September 2010

Where ever I lay my butt, that's my bed

This week, my pal Cokie da cat wot do live in Los Angeles, do tell me to show pictures of my bed as part of his great anipal photo hunt. I do not fink he know wot he do be askin this time cos I do ave literally undreds of beds.

Most evenins, I do be found just here in a bed wot I do share wiv Lola (altho I always gets the biggest bit of it)...

Gettin in this bed do require a great degree of accuracy and sumtimes Lola do miss it completely....

Sumtimes Willium do let me up on to his bed when we do be on oliday and it do not be gainst ouse rules....

An also I do use the beanbag wot is in the lounge....

When is winter I do cuddle up with da hoomans on the sofa, where is comfy....

Sometimes we do jus collapse where we is standin.....

....and any pair of legs will do....

And I dussnt move from my beanbag when I do get in it (altho teknikally I iz banned from it due to certain peemail infractions)..

Sometimes we iz in your chair snoozin...

....and we do be makin full uses of your sofas...

Wow, after all dat bloggin I sure am tired out....zzzzzz

Marley Snooze.....woof


  1. Fabulous, keep up the good work Marley.

  2. Great pictures of you guys snoozing away. Loved everyone of them.... Hope you guys have a great weekend.

  3. Cool set of photos ;o)

  4. you do looks so cozy warever you iz sleeping an you iz making me tired too!

  5. Lazy days Marley, glad you have lots of spots to catch some zzzzz...

  6. Marley, you duss so crack me up, BOL! Lola missing the bed, BOL, BOL! You knows, mom dussn't has the bean bags any more coz years ago the kittehs gotted confused and thought the bean bags be the same as the litter box. Honest mistake - there do not be much difference in the way it feels and sounds. I can see where you mite has gotted confused there. Eggsept for, wate a minit, you is not a kitteh!

  7. All those are great spots. I think I'll take a nap now, too.

  8. he he - you has even more beds den I do. I needs a nap now too just thinking bout all those nice beds.

  9. Dude dat bean bag chair looks COMFY.....could you tell my mom about it, I want one, no make that I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!!!

  10. Wow Marley. You sure have a lot of different places to sleep. That's just pawsome!


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