Friday, 15 October 2010

Little bits of stuff

Ello for you. I haz some bits and pieces for you dis week cos we dint do anyfink very big or excitin.

First we is sayin ello for our new neighbour, Max. We see im on our walk and we say him we would put im on our blog. A bit like Lola, he dussn't like his fur bein stripped and he is clipped instead so he is more floofy than me....

...ello for you Max...

In other news, the peeple wot do run our local common has put up some new signs. Wot you fink of dat? Before, they say not to be usin no poop bags cos is just bad for the environment and we is walkin in wide open country space so wot is the point of movin it.... they hazzin other ideas I fink.

You might remember that I haz embarked on course of treetment wiv the vets. She say me the first fing I gotta do before anyfink else is get my tick meddysin and fings up to date....but that do mean hazzin a barff to get clean before the meddysin do be applied...mebbe i can find a way out of here....

....oh, mebbe not...

...well, you mek sure I is dry pleez....

I is finkin that in that last photo you can see my cataracts quite clearly. I haz been to a big vet ospital to ave em checked out. Here it is...

.....mum taked some photos inside but they woz rubish so we dussn't post em. Anyway, the vet say me that I has to come to see em on 9th November to ave an ERG. Wot dat i hear you askin. Well, it is electroretinogram where the vet do be lookin in your eyes. She say me she gotta check if my eyes is diseased or not. If not, then we can haz the catracts operated on. But if they is diseased...well....we dusnnt kno wot we will do....

Then the vet say me that is dangerous if you haz any infekshuns when you is hazzin a big operayshun like cataracts so I gotta ave my teef cleaned cos they is mebbe not as clean as she would like and might put germs and fings inside me when she is werkin on my eyes. So, on Monday I did ave no noms for brekkfast and was taked to the vets to ave my teef cleaned. I didnt mind this cos it was only at 10.30 but then woz a mergency for another animal and I had to sit and wait and dint get no lunch or anyfink and ad my op quite late. When we was there we did meet giant doggie, but he dint tell me his name...but he was friendly..

Now I haz the clean teefs and I do be usin em to frighten the squirrels in my garden. However, I haz been somewhat wobbly since the annasfettic and being a bit dozy and movin round slowly.... I been relaxin by the fire...and Willium been lookin after me...

...and on my walks I has been slow and angin around so that mum has to come and get me...and evevn did carry me one day...

I say you ave a nice day and I do see you ere again I opes.



  1. Thanks for the update on your goins on. Hang in there with the vets they will make you better Marley. Zack sends lots of licks and well wishes for your Nov appt.

  2. Mr Mo is sayin...
    Hey Marley mate, you will be on the mend soon now you have got your shiny gnashers all nice and spiffing and have had a baff and will be smellin like niceness. Am sending you a big massive licky lick for your peepers.

  3. We dazzled by dat pearly white smile Marley! We got everything crossed for ya for your eyes. I even got 9th Nov marked in my doggie diary. Sending Westie Wuzzes. AnnieB X

  4. You have had a traumatic week buddy,
    Hope the vet can sort your eyes out.
    Like the photo by the fire, would make good Christmas card.

    sponsored by @MonkeysBrother "Marley- the ONLY funny terrier"
    Arthur Brandon

  5. That is the bestest photo of you and your Willium! Youz lucky to have cuddles with him. I do hopez your eyeses get better, Marley. You be one brave dawgie to have surgeries, for shur!
    Your furiend, Oz xxx

  6. I'm purring for you my friend. Don't tell him I told you, but Rumbles is too.


  7. I did not knows the skwerrels is askeered of cleen teefs. I just had my teefs cleaned too so I is going to go test them on the skwerrels rite now. Bye. (Oh, Pee Ess, glad efurrything wented well with your teef cleaning and hope all turns out good with your eyes too. Seeing eye kittehs is hard to come by, I hear.)

  8. Ellie loves baths, especially when the hair drier comes out.........

  9. Hoping it all goes well Marley. You is very brave.

  10. I'm purring for you too sweetie. Sorry you has to go through so much with vet visits. You are so very brave.

  11. Paws crossed for you Marley. Hope that vet has lots of good treaties for you.

  12. Marlee, de 9 Novemberer duz be a big day ere az well az it will be the day Maggie Moo can go her first walkiez, so we will be finkin ov yoo as yoo go yo have yoor eyez made betta.


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