Monday, 18 October 2010

A little dog in a big world

I fink sum of you do know my pal Arfur Brandon who do be @monkeysbrother. He is well know naturist ..... also a very clever dawgie. He tell me that I am the funniest terrier he know (we dussn't discuss ow many terriers he kno in case the answer do be embrassingly small) and so I say him that he should be my sponsor....

...and so he has begun a nationwide campane on my behalfs. He did ave to ave his peeple's peeple up all night to get fings launched in proper style...

I was so appy wiv da results that I tell Arf we should go global.....

...and now I am big in Taipei (note to Arf: we missed a "Big in Japan" joke ere my chum).

Owever, so expensive was the internashnul side of fings that soon I was down to my last bone and we was avin to cut a few corners....

...but juss when fings was not lookin so good, we got unexpected endorsement from a rich pawson...

...and I haz been able to complete the purchase of my new away strip wiv sponsor's logo...

...and our messij is really gettin across....

Marley Beckham....woof


  1. Hey Marley
    Did you have to use the naked shot?
    I'm working on more sponsorship deals.
    I have the president of the USA interested!
    Great blog
    sponssored by @monkeysbrother

  2. Wow Marley. I think I want to hire Arthur to be my publicist. You really are on your way to be global.

  3. Whoa, you is becoming famuss! I dussn't know about that Paris gurl, tho. Woz she not being noggty and in jail or somefing recently? Mite ruin your reputashun. Just woofin'.

  4. Truly famous now Marley. Way to go!!

  5. Wow Marley I thought I was world famiss but only in Nu Zilland. Looks like you are really world famiss.

  6. Hilarious!! heehee i see world dominashun on da way!!!

  7. I am beary proud to know a famous doggie like you. Hugs


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