Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wot price is comfortable?

Ello for you. The other day I was avin a relax in my beanbag....

....this is not laziness you understand. Oh no! Is preparayshun for later when I do be needin energy. I fink Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps do same. So...I was finkin about the importance of bein comfy.

Cats dussn't know comfy...

....they is animals of little brane when it do come to knowin ow to make sure they is adequately supported at bofe ends. Mebbe is cos they haz long tails.

Even Lola, who do be a dog of very limited intellygence, do understand wot is comfy...

...even if sumtimes it do end up lookin a bit like "Tonight on CSI Surrey"...

You dussn't ave to be nappin in your bed to be comfy. You duz it where it do feel OK...

....and mebbe you haz to get your friends to join in for maximum comfyness..

I am very particular about my comfy zones. Sumtimes I do ave to tell Willium that he is sittin in my spot...

....and also Lola do ave to make way when I has found somewhere warm for my butt to spend the evenin...

...you see her waaaaaaay over by the fire?......oh....hang on...

So, I be sayin for you dat dere is no price you can put on bein comfy...

Only very infrequently do I put up wiv some not-comfy. This is usually when I do be gettin staff to groom I...

And befor I go tooday I do be wishin some extra comfy for my old pal Jeep. She haz been poorly and we do kno that her mum Nayomee (wot do be an old twitter pal of ours) is worryin bout her...

...extra comfy for you my pal.

Woof......Marley Sofa x


  1. GR8 post there, Marley! I do sleepz just like you in da first photo...half on and half off my bed. The humans thinx I am crazy and probably uncomfortable, but what do they know about being comfy?!? I agree with you...there is no price to be put on comfy!

  2. Yep, no price for comfy. I do the upside down with head twisted a lot which is very relaxing and exceedingly comfy. Hmmm.. I have 3 beds but I've never had a beanbag.. catch ya later Marley, I'm off to write my letter to Santa.

  3. You definitely know how to get ocmfy. he he - but so do I. It's it great to be comfy!

  4. Marlee! You are da King Ov Comfort! You certainly knows how and where to find it! I taken notes my furiend and will follow ya example! BOL! Thank you for the smiles. Love AnnieB X

  5. You catch those zzzzzzz's in all the right places Marley. Comfort is everything!!

  6. I sleeps like that sometimes with me hed hanging off of the bed on the floor. Mom asks "Is that comfy" and I is here to tell you if'n it woz not comfy, I would not be doing it. Duss us dogs (udder than Lola) duss anything wot is not comfy?

  7. Marley, the comfiest terrier- sponsored by @monkeysbrother

  8. You have comfy down to a fine art there Marley. Although don't you wish sometimes peoples laps were just that bit bigger.

  9. Wow! You do really know how to be comfy.

  10. Wow, you do look comfy! That means that my gigantic THWOCK will have even MORE emphasis! *THWOCK*


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