Saturday, 16 October 2010

Power of pawsitive finkin

*border terrier enters stage right doin the appy dance*

Ello for you. Tooday we is bringin you good news and tidins of great joy. *clappin of paws*

I fink you is rememberin that two weeks ago we wast tellin you about our pal Stewie wot do live in Canada. He was a very poorly pup and we was all very worried about him.

Today, we did see this from his mum, Patti...

There he is on the left, lookin a bit fin and tired but very much up and about and bein appy. We do say that wiv luv from his pawsons, help from his sister Frankie and also lots of kind forts and messijs from our pals on twitter, he is on the mend.

*more appy dancin* Hurray for Stewie! Hurray for twitter! We do say fank you for everyone wot did leev a nice sayin for Stewie.

Wot a speshul friend he is...

And we see that he do ave got his strengff back suffishuntly to be showin Taz the Cat who is boss of dis place...

You can be catchin up wiv his progress wiv @jonesgirl_3

Dr Marley.....woof


  1. Now if'n we be hearing good news like that bout your eyes then all be rite with the werld! Yay Stewie fur setting a good eggsampull of how to be on the mend.

  2. YAP! Da power of pawsative finking and the power of hooman love and expertise, Frankie and Taz's support and support from around da world from Twitter furiends, has werked a treat for Stewie. We continue to wish him better. Wot a little fighter he is. *Sending sum slithers of steak to ya Stewie* and sum for you Marley for being such an example to us all. *Slithers of steak for Marley*. Love from your furiend AnnieB X

  3. We're so happy dat your friend is feeling better. We're doing the appy dance with you.

  4. Thank you again, Marley, for the kind words on your blog. Stewie had an excellent recheck this week. We are going to start to wean him off the medications but this will take several months but this is promising sign for a full recovery. I think the kind words and thoughts from everyone had a lot to do with it...
    Thank you,
    Patti, Stewie & Frankie


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