Friday, 18 November 2011

all goin well

I haz to introdoose you to my new best know im as the Cardiganologist....his coleegs kno him as Simon Dennis BVetMed MVM CertVC DipECVIM-CA (Cardiology) MRCVS, European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Cardiology.....but I do just be callin him Simun cos the rest of it do be too difficult to pronownse...
Chekkin for problims

...he was doin my check-up after my op and eart problems....and I kno he ave all dem letters after his name but I dunno wot he expect to find out this way...

No access to the heart this way...

...he did say me he was appy wiv da ways fings was goin and the flooids did be gone from my lungs. He now ave me on free tabblits... Prilactone, Furosemide and Hypercard...appawrently they is meddysins, even if they do sound like the names of the new generayshun of Ninja Turtles. They duz be elipn me and in a bit I duz ave some more checks to see if they is werkin. I know I duz be feelin much better and I be in good ands at NDSR where all the vets and nurses and other staff is very kind and be lookin after my like royaltee. I say ello for them...

You is probbly now finkin that all is well in my werld. Well, I got up dis mornin to find this in the kitchen...


....I spect that pishure will ave given Simon a eart attack of his own to deal wiv...well he dussn't ave to worry, its only a nommylishuss chew sent to me by my good pal @henryandfriends...Henry did write me to say "this wun dus av all nachrul ingreedeeunts an dus be low in fat an hy in fyba an elps kleen teefs aswel an it dus be wun undrid persent vejjetareeyun aswel. i dint no them fings but that wos wot it say on th boks they wos in in th pet shop an i did ryt them al down so yoo wud no".

No.1 chum...

So, Simon, I fink that is Ok and dussnt be doin no arm to my ticker. I am gonna eat it later, but not in one go...


Oh yes...and before I go...I just also menshun that dad did show me this article wot he saw in a magazeen when he was waitin for me at NDSR....pleez click the pishure to biggify it if you needs to read it...


Marley...big brane, big eart.......Woof


  1. Wow you are lucky to have such great help wiv yer problem Marley, and we are so relieved you dus be ok. We couldn't imagine sumfing bad happening to our favourite Marleysaurus!

    Henry dus be rilly cheeky sending you dat! ;-)

    Zoe an Wylie

  2. Marley I duz no doggys needs moar brain power but mai kweschunz iz, wen iz they gonna gets it? *ROTFMOL* keeps getting betters an haz a good nom on dat fancee treetz henry did sended youz *smoooch* ~Pandy

  3. ello Marley enry dus be gud fwend he did coooker me eggys the ovver day

  4. Sounds like you have a great vet. Glad to hear you are feeling better . Keeps on your meds for your dicky ticker they will helps keeps the fluids from coming back in your lungs.

  5. i dus wunda if mista symun cudnt mayk up is mind wot lettas ee did lyk arfta is naym marly. an i fink ee wos lookin at yor art wen ee wos lookin in yor mowf. or ee mite av bin lookin for nuvva dynosor.

    i reely glad yoo dus be gettin betta an betta eech day so yoo is aybul to injoy yor speshul chew aswel.

    strokes .. strokes .. strokes ..
    from henry

  6. I is heabing a sigh of releef that you duss not has to take the Enalapril heart medycins. The cardiganologist wanted my sis Dixie to take it cos she do has a bad heart and she started leaving pee mail all ofur the house like CRAZEE. I mean like mom would be in one room and Dixie would be in the udder room where there be no pooter, leaving pee mail when she just commed inside. So mom told the cardiganologist NO MORE ENALAPRIL! And he say fine, stop gibbing it. Well duss you know when we woz doing the haunted hike we woz gone fur 14 hours and the boy furgot to stop by to let Sydney and Dixie out and Dixie did not leave pee mail in the house fur FOURTEEN HOURS strate?!?!??! Amazing, I tell you but OMD woz she crying when we commed home with her legs crossed and all. And the boy, he be in the dog house. The end. (Sorry so long...)

  7. Glad you've got a cardiganologist looking after you Marley. And take care on eatin your green treaty thing, that looks like another diplodicuss to us ere.

  8. Marley, I iz so happy you are recovering nicely, phew I feel so better knowing day. Mom said prayers for you and I helped, we ask you be safe an healthy, I fink it working so I keep up my prayers for you and you continue not to eat bad dinosaurs, OK? Dat one dat Henry sent sure do look like what we call greenies here in da states, they be very good for you in moderation. Thank you for your kind works on my blog.....I read yours often to see dat you and da lovely Lola are doing well. Hugs to you and kisses for lola....OK so me Titan may have a crushy on day lovely gurl.

  9. Marley you do have a big heart! I know dogs are smarter, I just know it! I live with two cats, and I know they think they are smarter than me, but they aren't! woowoowoo xo


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