Friday, 25 November 2011

Goin to see sum nature

Now that I am allowed out again we is tryin some walks but I duz only be allowed to do short uns until Dr Simon ave checked me out one more time. So....we decide on Satday that we would ave a little bimble up in da woods behind the ouse where we do go all the time...

I may ave dodgy eart but i too quick for you

.....and the sun was shinin and the leevs was on the ground makin everywhere very Autumnal and i was appy trundlin along sniffin everywhere and mindin my own biziness and not finkin bowt too much...when just then nature decide to surprise us wiv some magic trees...

Magic trees emittin lite

....and we stop and look at the magic trees cos we fort they might be alive or on the march like the woods in Lord of the Rings....

yup, sunshines ere too

....and we did go into the field where the farmer be normally ploughin and fings and the sun was shinin there too and everywun was takin off their coats and talkin bowt ow ot it was for November...but these fings is beyond the forts of Farmer Marley.... i was too bizee checkin out my crops to see if they was gonna grow into sumfing nice for makin bread wiv (wot you can use to make bacon sammidges...dont menshun all part of the serviss) was a very nice walk and we did enjoy avin the sun on our backs for alf hour.....we enjoyed it so much that we did decide to go out again on Sunday....but on Sunday the ole werld was covered in fog! Huh? Where did our sun go?

Wait for me so I dussnt get lost in the fogs

....but we decided to drive to Headley Heath and see many of our old pals who do go walkin there....but it was a funny mornin and the landscape was spookly....

Spookly trees

.....and Lola was so spooked that when we did meet Rosie, anuvver border terrier, she did fink she was a ghost and did put the bitey on her. Red faces all round. Lola dusssnt be doin that normally and speshully not to sweet girl Rosie who liked avin belly rubs from dad. I fink you notiss by now that there do be no pishures of Rosie cos we did be too embarassed to take any...and Rosie did go back to her car limpin a bit...uh oh....we do say sorry again to er for wot Lola dun...

Ghostly meadows: scene of da crimes

....eventually the sun did poke fru a bit and I was able to climb a large hill to survey my lands from the top....

King of All He Survey... appy was nature wiv me that it did shine a eavenly light on me from above...(I do be angel compared wiv Lola of corse)......

*choirs of angels sing*

...Wot you mean you dussnt fink it be me?....Look ere I am a bit biggified....

Baved in eavenly glow....

...and dussnt be takin no notiss of dad who say he fink it was lights from a poleece elicopter lookin for me an Lola....

....I makes my getaway just in case.....and just to prove that nature do be bountiful in all ways this weekend we ad some duck for our dinner cos Willium dint be eatin all of his porshun....

Cannot old pose for long Mr Fotograffer..., it sure was tasty and all the walkin and trottin and eatin had fairly done me in but I fink was good in long run for my recuperayshun....

CSI Ashtead: case of the severed leg

...and at last we do be able to report that Lola has been able to rejoin the rest of the familee  from her hairy wilderness...yup, she ave been to the groomers and has had her fur stripped again...she do not look like Groucho Marx/Chewbacca anymore...

Trorma over....
...and no groomers were killed in the makin of this dog......which frankly do be a miracle...

Is me! Honest!
Pursonally, I fink she ave chaned her appearance to ide from Rosie's peeple wot is bound to be lookin for her high and low for crimes against soshubillity.....


  1. Marley (and typist), you do make me laugh.

  2. Beautfiul pictures of your walks....

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. oh noes Lola did be rill nawty Marley. No wonder teh lites din't shine on her furz onlee yers cuz you be such a good doggy Iz almost did see a halo honest! mol

  4. Beautiful place. Beautiful walk. Glad to see you are out and about again with Lola.

  5. Oh, the Lola had her eyebrows plucked! She do look furry loverly, or mebbe not so furry, BOL. Now Marley, the nature and sunbeams do be good fur recooperashuns but mom HATES the winter sunbeams because they be blinding her in the eyeballs all the time when we be hiking and she cannot see seeniks or trail signs to know where to go and I has to lead the way with my snooter. She be saying noggty werds like "I HATE that BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP winter sun!" The BLEEP be werds not fit fur fambly blogging so I cannot repeat them fur-bait-em. Good to see you out and about Marley!

  6. Another cracking blog typist. Making people laugh is a wonderful gift. Woofs to Marley & Lola.

  7. We duz be finkin dat yoo be luking vry well now Marlee after yoor rescent illness, God duz shine on de riteyus mum say. But dat Lola! OMD wot duz it be wiv dese gals fiting? She sound like Moo. But Lola do luk bootiful afta er aircut I fink. Mum duz be makin sounds bout me and Moo aving aircuts soon. Oh eck! Westie Licks and waggie tales for yoo Marlee. x

  8. Who duz the severed leg belong too?

  9. How nice that you are out again Marley my friend. It looks like the winter sun made it pretty too.

  10. Hello Marley. This is very funny and beautiful too. Hope Lola not too naughty


  11. Annuver top tale my pal - we loves your blogs so much. Woof

  12. Marley you must be next in line for a Sainthood from the pope. As for that Lola, she might get locked up in the same jail cell as Mrs Magoo.


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