Friday, 4 November 2011

Recovery update

Ello for you. I dussn't want to be borin on bout ow poorly I haz been or nuffing...but...well...not much else haz been goin on cos I been under strict instrukshuns from da boss to not do I been nappin a lot....

Nappin...under doctors orders....
...and I haz had to ave the dreaded cone on to stop me lickin my wound....

Cone: approximayshun of actual events
....I haz to do this in case I do break my sticthes by chewin em or lickin which case I might haz to go back to ospital...

Wot you mean I broked my sticthces?....
....for more invasive poseedures......

Is you kwalified?
...I dussnt want to be doin that cos last time I was there they did find the dino insides me....can you see it?....

Dinosore interior feature
...or as the clever peeple at the ospital be sayin is akshully a pelicosore...(click on the pishure to biggify it for proper lookin)....

I dunno why Blogger won't let me ave this right way round....
...the pelicosore was so big they haz made a big ole in my tummy to take it out and has amused themselves wiv some topiary while they was doin it....

Zip-up dog
...and bleev me this was the best pishure we could find of it for publik akshully much bigger than it look and has metal staples all down it.....grrrr

I haz had to keep up my strengff while I haz been restin and I haz done that by eatin foods from my great pal Lily who do run Lily's Kitchen who do ave the best doggie foods in the werld...

...I did meet Lily once last Crissmuss and she is a pawsome and bootiful doggie...and you can see her foods here ...we do recoomend em for all doggies not just them wot be ill.

Owever, I do be seein fru the windows of the ouse that not all is well wiv fings in the outside werld. Squirrels in our village is gettin lazy and complaysunt while I do be confined to barracks... I am pressin my snout up to the glass as a warnin ....

Do my nose look big in dis?....
...and opin that Lola will elp out by doin some mincin about in the garden by the hedge....

....while I am doin some doctor-mandated recuperayshun....and dreamin of better days...

...and in the meantime Lola is cheerin me up by lookin stoopid wiv her eyebrows...
Grouch Marx



p.s. rilly I am doin much better and feelin quite well...


  1. I has missed you lots Marley, it's been too quiet without your woofings.
    I wonder how you did swallow that dinosore, I will make sure that I never ever eat anything that looks like that. It doesn't even look very tasty.
    Carry on napping xx

  2. Hi Marley! Well luckily they did do the x-rays and surgery! Otherwise there's no telling what kind of damage that dinosaur might have done!!

    So glad to know you're on the mend! I bet you prefer the kind of cone in this post to the pink one in the last!

    Take 'er easy pup & get well quick!

  3. Marley good that your boss is keeping you quiet while you recuperate, don't want your zipped up belly to be splitting open. But while you are rest in, you gotta tell Lola to keep those pesky squirrels in check, you don't want them taking over again as there would be another all out war!!!! Get better soon!!!!

  4. Ello Marley chum I iz most plesed to sees yous iz bloggin agen. I haz missed it more than yous nose....

  5. hai Marley! Iz happy you iz rekooperayting an keepin an eye on efurrything while you iz doing it too! Iz sure you iz gonna be all betters rill soon an back to keeping thoze skwirrelz in order *smooch*

  6. So nice to know you are getting better dear friend. Great pictures.

  7. Hoping you are all the way better soon. Very Soon.... Quicker than Very very soon.... Like NOW!!!

    Sending you purrrrrs.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Feel Better quick Sweetie !!! @soozi13

  9. ello marly .. strokes .. strokes .. i so glad yoo dus be gettin mor betta now cos we wos reely wurrid bowt yoo. nekt time yoo is owt yoo dusnt pik nuffing up an eet it .. dus yoo undastand. nuffing.

    luvs an stroks from Henry

  10. Gosh Marley, you can't has too much longer to go until you can chase those skwerrels again I hope. I know it seems like fur furefur but soon all be back to bizziness as usual. There, I gibs you pep talk. Feel better, buddy.

  11. Hello Marlee, me and Moo duz be glad yoo iz gettin betta and duz be wotchin out for dem pesky skwirrels. It wont be long befor yoo can go and chase dem.
    westie licks xx

  12. Hello Marley,

    I am thinking of you. I am glad you are feeling better. I will catch the squirrels to share with you - while you can rest!

    Sadie Petunia

  13. Compellin and rich as usual Marley.

  14. Marley we can't believe how you managed to gobble up that dinosaur without doing the choking thing. Mrs Magoo is currently chewin her way through her bed but she's not swallowing it, shes just tearing it limb from limb and strewin it round the lounge.

  15. why do you type like a retard?


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