Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday - mebbe if I is quiet you will not notiss me gettin up



  1. You is back in colour! Does this mean the cone of shame is in the bin?

  2. Ello sweetie. I hope you pulled it off and they didn't notice you. he he pretty sneaky.

  3. Hi Marley,
    You are looking so much better.I think you have really benefited from Florence(Lola)Nightingales ministrations to you,although nurses are not supposed to have their hair in their eyes.You both are just the most amazing wee borders and your blogs are so much fun.
    Take care
    Anne and Bonnie x

  4. You made one fatal miss-steak, Marley. If'n you had not put your PAW on the LEG, they mite not has noticed you. Just woofin.


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