Thursday, 13 June 2013

Extra Pride.... promised, I am bringing you news of pride in the Greater Glasgow area....

...Hurray! It's Miss Twiglet showing off her medallion  posse badge long last. Sorry about the delay in gettin you up @theTwiglet 

Not to be outdone, it's more pride straight from the Office of @lilliandarchie....

....and a paw-se while we see what Miss Rogue has been up to ...@rogue_spencer

....phew! I wonder if there are many more pics to come?....while you all get snapping, I'mm off for my breakfast....

....Muesli Dog....
Woof!....Clapton, Border Terrier HQ

.....*sound of squealing brakes*....and just before print deadline we have this in from Mr Ted....

its @tedborder...proud and happy


  1. Ello to you too sweetie. WOW looks like more recruits have joined. Good going. Pretty soon you'll have Border Terriers all over the world. Wish one would move in next door to me!

  2. We hope that Clapton doesn't eat ALL of your breakfast, Marley.

  3. Dont you fall in the mueslis Clapton, those things will play havoc with your furs.


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