Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hat challenge day 8: family shame

Hello my friends....I think that the worm has final turned and I have received these photos of members of my own family....

Grandad Rocky is glad that Marley is not around to see this....

And my aunty Islay is in the grip of the same gang....@issiebissey....

Mr Dexter says..."if they make me wear this I will eat my hat"...@dexterbt
...told you so...
General Herbert is reporting in from the Eastern Front....@celpiescorner
And there is evidence of Stockholm Syndrome in Bristol....its @jackmolly3 "gone native"
Mr Jake.....he likes jazz you know....@jakedoganality
Miss angel with a terrier-orange halo...@brambleBT
Phew! Do you think that's it? Are we safe now?

Clapton, surrendering at Border Terrier HQ

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