Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hat Challenge Day 5

Hello my dear friends....more head and hat-related shenannigans for your amusement....

Miss Holly is in the festive spirit....@lilliandarchie...

Whilst sister Miss Ruby might be robbing from the rich and giving to to the paw...@lilliandarchie
Och aye! Its Monty & Jilly ya wee sassenachs....! @adelesidall

...but happily they still celebrate Christmas....@adelesidall
Mr Gizmo is a country boy at heart....@gizmogeodog
Miss Pepper...marke the date on your collander when this first went public....@pepperandspot

That's more your style Miss Pepper...hic
Miss Matilda tries her best to maintain her privacy....@matildaBscruff

Whilst sister Scrabble is out & proud as Afro-Dog....@scrabbleFscruff
Mr Ozzie is gangsta in his hat  FUR SCHIZZLE!....@ozzietheborder
Dr Seb will see you now.....cough please!...@MrSebBT
REVENGE is hers!...@zoetheborder
I now realise I owe Mr Jack an 5 and more to come we suspect....@jackmolly3
Mr Winston...honorary BT...all dressed up and places to go!
Woofhoo....Clapton, Milliner to the Pooch...


  1. *pull down old foto albums off shelf* der be plenti mor in ere *giggle* iz yoo shure yoo az time fur diz Clapton? Iz turnin into fultime job!

  2. Love Miss Pepper's colander ... Dr. Seb are you THE Doctor? Wouldn't want to meet Ozzie in a dark alley ... So many stylish dawgs...Keep them coming Clapton

  3. BOLAL! These are so fun! I may have to find myself a hat!!

  4. BOL I see this is just going to run and run!


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